Our Mission

The Inter-Agency for Committee for the Hydrological Use of Weather Radar aims to promote and improve the use of radar to understand hydrology on earth.

The Committee aims to stimulate and monitor advances in the hydrological use of weather radar, attempting to bridge the gap between radar research and its operational application. It identifies research needs and opportunities and sources of potential funding. It publicises and promotes the use of weather radar and the establishment of international contacts. It identifies the needs for and availability of radar data and recommends archiving requirements. The Committee reports on its work to its stakeholder bodies and the water industry generally and maintains a bibliography on hydrological applications of weather radar in the United Kingdom.


  1. To publicise and promote hydrological uses of weather radar.
  2. To identify research needs and opportunities.
  3. To recommend priorities for future research and to coordinate research activities.
  4. To seek funding for research.
  5. To identify needs for and availability of data and to recommend archiving requirements.
  6. To promote and establish international contacts.
  7. To report on its work to the nominating bodies and the water industry generally.

Community Plan

The IACHUWR committee coordinates activities across all areas of government related to the use of the UK’s weather radar network. 

At the end of each working session, the committee publish a report giving an overview of progress in all programmes of work in the UK and EU, with a primary focus on notable achievements in the quality and accuracy of radar rainfall estimates.